Jes Penis Extender Review

A few months back I got a couple of Jes extenders, initially the “Budget” option and then the “Silver” version, wanting to assess the extenders as well as for personal use (I’m a passionate PE buff). Unfortunately, I must say that after I tried them on, I was mildly let down.

The foremost aspect I noted about the Jes product is its rather ordinary noose design, which is a typical design that numerous penis extenders also have. The design of the noose makes the product exceedingly difficult to have on since it blocks the blood flow to your penis, and squeezes the penis triggering pain after having put on the product for only a few minutes. The discomfort became to unbearable that I could not bear to wear it for prolonged periods.

You can reduce the uncomfortable feeling to some extent, by choosing the “Silver” or “Gold” versions of the Jes. These alternatives come with a quite comfortable band called a comfort strap, which decreases the discomfort the “Budget” and “Original” versions (i.e. the versions with just the noose). One more bad thing about the Jes is its policy on refund, which declares that you won’t be refunded once you’ve fitted the product. Why would someone buy the extender and later demand a refund if he hasn’t tried it on first? The refund policy doesn’t make much sense.

This particular product has been demonstrated to be highly effective as noted by clinical studies performed. The extender conforms to the CE’s safety standard for class I medical device and thus is safe for personal usage. The “budget” version of the Jes extender also has available a monthly installment scheme. An extra pro that this particular extender offers, is its durability and is intended to last. Further, the Jes “gold” offers a lifetime warranty, and even the Jes “budget” version has a one-year warranty. For a more comprehensive Jes Extender Review, and to see how it compares with other popular penis extenders, please visit

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